Innovative Screening & Intelligent Evaluation Solution
  • success Reduce the average hiring ratio from 30:1 to 5:2
  • success Improve the Recruitment KPI
  • success 50% or more time saving
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Innovative Screening & Intelligent Evaluation Solution

What's your recruiting challenge?

In a time when finding great candidates is becoming a real business challenge, G-Recruit game based evaluation is a no-brainer solution to getting to the top candidates. Reducing the hiring ratio from 30:1 to 5:2.
Invite candidates by uploading an excel file. G-Recruit sends an email to the candidate to apply for the job. Candidates who applies for the job are automatically evaluated based on their skills. G-Recruit further help you hire the candidates that match your job skill sets.
GRecruit's gaming challenge objectively assess candidate's skills across multiple skillsets and in over 30 programming games. Send them a gaming challenge from our library or customize your own, and you’ll receive an auto-scored report.
Conduct interviews with GRecruit, the world’s leading pair-programming tool which integrates voice, video, and chat with live programming. Our built-in IDE lets you watch your candidate program in real-time, so you’ll get all the benefits of a standard face-to-face interview.
Video Resume
G-Recruit allows job seekers to reach employers in a unique and meaningful fashion and streamlines the hiring process by eliminating the stress, guess work and error of filing through resumes.