BI & Analytics

Axinovate Analytics takes an industry led, asset powered approach to helping clients from end-to-end with their most compelling issues and opportunities
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Marketing and Customer Analytics

Axinovate's marketing and customer analytics are driving insights that convert browsers into buyers and customers into brand champions. Axinovate helps develop deep and relevant insights on the effectiveness of marketing activities leading to fact-based investment allocation decision making and optimization.
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Operations Analytics

In a volatile and competitive business environment, companies must operate to bring their products to the market quickly, more smartly and cost effectively than ever before. Getting the most out of your data takes more than an investment in technology. Axinovate can help you put the right processes, people, and tools in place to support analytics and make efficient, informed decisions.
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Who we work with

Read some of Axinovate's client successes across industries
Trade organization for real estate agents. Includes overview, code of ethics, activities, and membership information.
A global agri-business, Olam grows, sources, trades and processes food and industrial raw materials across 16 product platforms for over 13000 customers.
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